What’s Going On In Stormys World

November 15, 2020

Week 36.13 

Topic:  Joleene &  Picture:Johnathon 

Topic:  The Final Sonata

Hard Bonus: Incorporate a quote by Laurie Colwin 

Easy Bonus:  Include a prism

Secret word/phrase: 1 man on the moon  2. Bad moon rising  3. Cloud cover

4. Long tail   5. Moonlight serenade 6. Pop smoke  7. Moondust  8. K-9

“To be effortlessly yourself is a blessing, an ambrosia. It is like a few tiny little puffs of opium which lift you ever so slightly off the hard surface of the world.” But these past six days my prism has been dulled by an ugly bout of pneumonia. Add to it an unknown source of bleeding and my moon is a  bad moon rising. The man in the moon isn’t singing a  Moonlight serenade or spreading moondust to cheer me up. Hopefully he’ll blow a pop of smoke, enough to make a happy cloud cover that will protect me from getting any worse.

I see K-9 in the long tail behind the moon. He gives me hope.

      I’m skipping the story this week. No concentration. I wish you all the best.

Stormy 11/13/2020

A Salute to Marvin Martian

June 20, 2021

Our fearless leader is going on a Hiatus.  He is declaring his Independence Day.

I am so happy for him. Through thick and thin he has stood by all of us. And it wasn’t easy fighting the devils from Jupiter who were constantly attacking Mars. And hiding from those Venition beauties from Venus who were always chasing him. while devoting his time to blogophilia keeping score, choosing a photo and topic and trying to outwit us with a secret phrase. And quite often he did. He personally helped me get my blog posted so it could be read. Facebook loves to make it hard for us. And we both often spent hours finding a way to post my blog so it could be read. He had to help several of us often. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. 

This will be my first summer that I will be sticking close to home. My illness is holding me back. I hope and pray that Marvin can visit some great places and really enjoy himself. 

(clarice} 06/19/2021

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 13.14 Topic: “Hiatus” (Provided by Marvin)

Hard Bonus (2 points): Share a ‘detailed fond memory’ of Marvin Martian, Commander K or anyone in the Blogophilia group (past or present)

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Reveal your summer vacation plans

A Proud Moment

May 9, 2021

Why do I question the unassailable god’s truth?

If it wasn’t an eidolon of past encounters?

If it wasn’t the intercession of our foolhardy youth?

Aye a force of footloose uncaring extremes


Where Crying, Waiting, Hoping  on  life’s threshold

Hellos and  Goodbyes useless greetings then

Now remembrances why we’re Glad to be alive

Our Shadow figures in Celebration cry


Perhaps tomorrow we’ll stomp the yard as ancients

Raise our voices in freedoms chant

Living daily in swing time to destiny’s truth

Our harvest dance the last of life’s moments


Putting to rest a youthful dream of La La Land

 We race our wheelchairs down the rest home hall 

(clarice) 05/08/2021


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 8.14 Topic:

A Proud Moment

Topic – Rutger  &  Picture – Michelle

Hard Bonus (2 points):

Incorporate 2 Beatles Song Titles –   ‘Hello, Goodbye ‘ & Crying, Waiting, Hoping

Easy Bonus (1 Point):

Mention an Oscar Winning Movie – La La Land

Secret word/phrase – 1. Freedom  2. Harvest dance  3. Shadow figures  4. Shadow dance

5. Me and my shadow  6. Swing time  7. Footloose  8. Stomp the yard  9. Celebration

10. Glad to be alive

I’m Trapped In My Mind.

April 27, 2021

Hello. Am I talking to the  Psychic Talk Radio Network 

Can you help me? I think I’m trapped in my mind.


Could my fear create this chilling illusion of

Spring fever, its shadow and bone of torture

Of death that Creeps, strumming a taunting overture  

I Died So I Could Haunt You forever in this gloom”


Icy  feeler notes attack my bravura 

Each a lethal dose of woeful fractura

Death Valley weevils coiled desert assassins 

Who vilely begin the stroll after my soul


.Stark caverns wink  in the grey capped labyrinth

I flee in circles helpless from the spirits taunts

Left, right  in eternal distress this witch haunting

How did I come to be trapped in my mind


I Recall that last drink for “Its cherry blossom time.”  

And I curse that Jose Cuervo Especial.


(clarice) 04/27/2021


Ecrits Blogophilia 7.14 title: I’m trapped in my mind.

Hard Bonus (2 points): Writer’s Choice – Use two haunting song titles –

“I Died So I Could Haunt You” by Stars.  And  “Creep” by Radiohead

Easy Bonus (1 Point):  call into psychic radio show with  question !.

Psychic Talk Radio Network

Secret word/phrase 1. Holding hands  2.natures show  3. Romantic walk 

4. Orchard fruit harvester  5. Spring fever  6. Its cherry blossom time 

7. Spring affair  8. the stroll  9. Must be love  10. Spring canopy

NOTE: This week’s picture is provided by Marvin.

Find Peaceful Amnesty

April 24, 2021

Be patient my dears, I’m here  Til the World Ends

The  War of the worlds is one man’s battlefield

Played to Chopin’s Waltz Op. 64 Improvisation

A sham created to stir the devil in each man

Conjure up Enola Gay and it’s deep impact

When it freed the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima 

A  mysterious cloud  of doom and destruction

 Its  Shockwave a lethal radiation of death

An  deadly unthinkable remedy to end all wars

That Mushroom clouds` volcanic eruption lives

In the minds of all men whenever war summons

The worlds armies to find peaceful amnesty

The teacher whistled for his classes attention 

War must remain a  Science class experiment
(clarice) 04/24/2021


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 6.14 Topic: Til the World Ends

Hard Bonus (2 points): Include the title of a Clive Cussler book – Shockwave

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Utilize a foghorn or whistle

Title guess – The blue man   Picture guess – Leta

1. Enola Gay  2. Hiroshima  3. Atomic bomb 4. Mushroom cloud                                               

5. volcanic eruption  6. War of the worlds 7. Unthinkable                                                             

 8. Mysterious cloud  9. Deep impact 10. Science class experiment

The Joker

April 12, 2021

Thank God the man in the white house is a temporary replacement

A joker from the bottom of an anfractuous deck 

The three little pigs knew this black sheep as the termite inspector 

Who ran his business from a Hole in the wall in farmer Obama’s latrine

Always the  Odd man out without a doubt he’d never get a lollipop from the good fairy

One day a Red brick seller came to see him saying the Shoddy builders  sent me

They need another player in their game of  ante over in Twinkletown

He could be the novelty  Building block pettifogger on the blue team

A speech or two with promises rivaling a Brooklyn Bridge salesman

You know  Keyhole pavers made of gold paving every street

The pigeons would live in nests vacated by the golden geese of Emberfall 

Oh he could hardly wait, so desirous to win he’d ask daily; “Are We There Yet?”

The war was finally won and he took his throne and now he sits

Showing his true colors aren’t red, white and blue but black shadows across the land


(clarice) 04/12/2021

Just my thoughts


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 5.14 Topic: Are We There Yet?

Topic:  Christopher        &  Picture:  Craig

Hard Bonus (2 points): Incorporate 3 colors

Red, white and blue

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a Playing Card – joker

Guesses for secret word/phrase: Marvin, I used them all. 1 ante over 2. Keyhole paver 3.termite inspector   

4. Red brick 5. Building block  6. Odd man out  7. Black (red) sheep  8. Hole in the wall 

 9. Shoddy builders  sent me. 10. Temporary replacement

Sho Fly Don’t Bother Me

April 10, 2021

It’s a comfortable old Alabaster stoop

Where once spring breakers chose to rest

Their bodies stressed needing a boost

Sparking and larking an exhausting task

For young minds and their libidos


Late into the night Old men shared a pint or two

While discussing the weather on that old stoop

Mrs. Deers night time beau gave them a view

Of his ardent attempt to play slave to her 

Strategically placed Wildwood blooms 


 Sunshine and Daisies greeted                                                                                                 the milkman’s clinking tune announcing his arrival                                                                2 quarts of cream topped milk, a dozen eggs                                                                              the daily form for the houses lady                                                                                              Snow in Summer is favored 7 t0 5 

Busy as  Bees the neighboring children                                                                                   swarmed those stairs, their castle                                                                                                a king was crowned, a maiden captured                                                                                     bloody noses and wooden slivers were battle scars                                                                even white frocked lasses sported


Chickweed creeps in mass abundance now    a rest stop for the fly in the field of flowers     that bug on wildflower an early morning feast      the stairs still the place to dine     to sleep off a full  stomach                                                                

They say the grass is greener On the other side of the fence. And never can you go home again                                                                                        but that  comfortable old Alabaster stoop                                                                                    still brings my memories of home too life

                                                                                                                                                                                            (clarice) 04/10/2021

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 4.14 Topic: Sunshine and Daisies

Topic;  Lika                                 Picture: Rebecca

Hard Bonus (2 points): Include a line from a Wall of Voodoo song –

They say the grass is greener On the other side of the fence.                                        From Wall of Voodoo song  ‘Grass Is Greener’

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Mention your favorite animal – deer

The SECRET PICTURE WORD/PHRASE!! 1.rest stop2.Chickweed  3.  Bug on wildflower 4. Wildwood blooms   5. The fly   6. A bugs life  7. Sho fly don’t bother me  8. Snow in summer                              9. Spring breakers  10. Busy as a Bee 

Orders To Play

April 4, 2021

            Every Sunday we have a Soggy family gathering. River folk come from all round and over the river and through the woods to share in all the doins`.  They gather round the shoreline and spin tales bout` that Ol’ Man River of theirs. 

          The women set up tables loaded with good ole Lousianna vitals by the boat dock, two long rows of the ladies county fair best dishes and one row of sweet baked desserts. One lucky Soggy teen was giben` a fly swatter and told to swat bugs and sticky fingers when needed. 

         Here Mama Soggy stokes her corncob pipe, hitches up her pantaloons and goes fishing in the ole` mill stream after making sure dem` women hab` a fire going fer` the fish she gonna catch.

         It’s a  Lazy river view of chock-a-block ole` men sampling Paddy’s eye water under a giant oak tree. Younger men chasing after the gals with their trotting harness on. Dads fishing with their kids  and knee-high to a grasshopper younguns swimming in the dark waters at the bend of the river where the river is at its shallowest.

          All n` all Whatever’s Your Pleasure the Soggy folk hab` it offered. 

          After a satisfying day of games, courting, lie swapping and Mama Soggy’s fish fry a bonfire is built and everyone picks a spot to rehash the day’s delights. It isn’t long before them what brung their fiddles and such tune up fer` a country playoff. 

          Now I practice three hours daily on my violin so I won’t get worse. I don’t want to upset my dad. But der truth is I can’t hold a tune in-a bushel barrel.

           I overheard him telling my uncle;It’s a real Strad, you know. If it isn’t I’m out one hundred and ten dollars. “ And dad whispers, “The reason I got it so cheap is that it’s one of the few Strads made in Japan.’  A deal like this happens only once in a blue moon.”

           And gosh dang would’nt I know’d it? Dad brung my violin. Un` he gib` me orders to play; River of No Return “

           A dozen fiddle jammers tuning to bow der crowd look up pect-ent-ly at me. And so wid nervous fingers i lifts that fiddle and begins to play squeaky notes and ear piercing whines nuff to chase bats n` beetles from der caves. 

           Dey probably would oh` strung me up, but a big ole grizzly came running outs` dem` woods. It was foaming green spit and wid` eyes wild wid` pain it came fer` me. Ebery one stood and watched. Not a sole tried to stop that critter. Why most ebery one cheered as dat smelly crazed critter threw me un dad’s Strad into der` ribber. 

            Dat bear feasted on the Soggy family’s picnic vittals until it had its fill. Then it stood high on dem bear legs oh` his roared, turned and lumbered off into the woods. 

             Dad held an auction fer dat fiddle, bought me a washboard and the Soggy folks left the ribber wid` a nodder tale to tell.

(CLARICE) 04/01/2021

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 3.14 Topic: What’s Your Pleasure

Topic – Lika and  Picture – the David 

Hard Bonus (2 points): Quote Jack Benny – 

I practice three hours daily on my violin so I won’t get worse.

It’s a real Strad, you know. If it isn’t I’m out one hundred and ten dollars. The reason I got it so cheap is that it’s one of the few Strads made in Japan.

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a Phase of the Moon – blue moon

Secret word/phrase – 1. Lazy river view  2, ole` mill stream  3. Boat dock  

4. River of No Return  5. Bend of the River 

6. Over the River and Through the Woods 7. Ol’ Man River 8. Dark waters

9. Fishing 10. Shoreline

Creating “Paper Cranes” To Write My Haikus On

March 24, 2021

Creating “Paper Cranes” To Write My Haikus On 

 “Around The World In A Day”

Come here and take my hand, 

I’ll show U 

Reading bedtime stories 

 Me and my teddy bear

Under the Wishing tree

Grims fairy tales

Bedtime stories

Of Late night scares

A Dreamland  of  Snow White lilies

Springtime’s welcoming

For all to enjoy

Shadow images

Cast by my  Night light

Of  Goldilocks three bears

(clarice) 03/24/2021


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 2.14 Topic: The Three Bears

Topic – Christopher     and  Picture – Doris

Hard Bonus (2 points): Use a lyric from a Prince song – Come here and take my hand, I’ll show U – from “Around The World In A Day”

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Mention “paper cranes”

Secret word/phrase: 1. Goldilocks  2. Night light 3. Grims fairy tales   4. Bedtime stories 5. Wishing tree  6. Reading bedtime stories                                               7. Me and my teddy bear  8. Snow White  9. Dreamland  10. Shadow images

  Prophetic Eulogy

March 19, 2021

                         Prophetic Eulogy

The crowd is shouting ‘Happy Anniversary to Us!” 

A happier couple can not be found on that  Rock concert floor

The Spinning disks Scratching14 Days to Life

And I should have heeded that prophetic eulogy


Drunk on love, Clubbing happily at the Techno bash

Life was a  Music festival, all acceso, allegrezza and amoroso

We should be one Happy Anniversary

A night of raves and euphoria, getting high on love


But love is blind and often cruel 

Your high was not for me but the glitter of fourteen carat bars

I said I’d no more money, I’d spent it all on her 

 And you slipped away into the night leaving me a broken man


And I’m Layin’ by these railroad tracks in Denver

With a hurtin’ head and a half a pint of wine

Everything except my soul has been surrendered

Just to satisfy your fourteen carat mind

(clarice) 03/19/2021

These past years have been a joy to share with all of you. I hope and pray there will be many more. Happy fourteenth Anniversary to all of you. 

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 1.14 Topic: Happy Anniversary to Us (Topic Provided by Marvin)

Picture: Craig 

1.- Include a song title or lyric with the word “anniversary” – 

from ‘Happy Anniversary’

We should be one Happy Anniversary

2.- Mention the movie title “14 Days to Life”

3. – Include a lyric or song title with number 14 – from ‘ Fourteen Carat Mind”

Layin’ by these railroad tracks in Denver

With a hurtin’ head and a half a pint of wine

Everything except my soul has been surrendered

Just to satisfy your fourteen carat mind

Secret word/phrase: 1. Rave  2. Techno bash 3. Clubbing  4. Music festival  

5. Rock concert  6. EDM Event  7. American bandstand  8. D J Party  

9. Spinning disks  10. Scratching

On a Cold Dark Night

February 6, 2021


   Rory awoke with  the zings’ and immediately ran for the toilet. He and his fellow officers had drunk in the dead of night till the dark shadows of the evil Twilight zone surrounding them were conquered. All this running and hiding from Betty Lou’s ice age monsters was wearing them all down. 

      He looked outside to see —

Not a speck of light is showing

So the danger must be growing                                                                                             Are the fires of Hell a–glowing                                                                                                    Is the grisly reaper mowing                                                                                                                   Yes, the danger must be growing   

      The night stalkers Purple People Eater and Trilobites prowled round the police hideout. Their gigantic wings stir up tornadoes of wind driven objects into the air striking everything in site. And with deadly intent they blew long fiery blasts into the Black veil of night. The woman in black watched gleefully the fiery war in the air around her. 

     The war was intensifying. And all the police squad could do was watch.  Pecorino Romano joined Rory at his watch station. He was eating an icecream cone of all things. Rory stared at the man and exclaimed: “At a time like this you can eat?”

      Ten thousand tons of ice cream if i could’,  replied Romano. “There is a Dairy below us grinding the stuff out as fast as it can.”

     Harry sat up upon hearing the men . “Hmm, we have a dairy here. Maybe we can beat Betty Lou after all.” he thought. 

       “Romano! Show me this Dairy.”  he said as he picked himself up. “ The black widow is in for a frosty treat. That Devil’s bride shall bath in icy favors instead of dragon’s breath bar-b-que. Hurry now we’ve little time left”  

       “On a Cold Dark Night ” he breathed. “I’ve found the answer to this devil’s curse. And chased after Romano humming ‘Me And My Shadow’.

(clarice) 02/02/2021

My apologies for posting so late. I had a bonus guess going round and round in my head but couldn’t nail it.

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 48.13 Topic: On a Cold Dark Night                                              Guesses for Topic – Blue man- Dave  and Picture – Jolene

Hard Bonus (2 points): Include a song lyric from the original Willie Wonka movie –

 from “I Want it Now” – Ten thousand tons of ice cream

from “The Rowing Song” –
Not a speck of light is showing

So the danger must be growing                                                                                             Are the fires of Hell a–glowing                                                                                                    Is the grisly reaper mowing                                                                                                                   Yes, the danger must be growing                                                                                                                  Easy Bonus (1 Point): Use the term ‘the zings’ correctly (it means hungover)

Guesses for secret word/phrase:  1. Dark shadows  2. The woman in black                                             3. The night stalker  4. Prowl  5. Me and my shadow  6. Black veil  7. Twilight zone                           8. Devil’s bride  9. Dead of night  10. The black widow

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