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Tutwhoo She Called Warning

October 17, 2010


Tutwhoo She Called Warning

Tricker treat the voices calling in the night..1

Streets alive with the children striving to collect bags full of candy..2

He sits by the road thirsting for a drink of something fragile to wet his need..3

Oh my dears! You look so scary, Your grandma is going to get a real frightful scare..4

The two twins had been eagerly planning pranks and tricks to deal out this Halloween Night. They giggled and whispered to not let their parents know what frights they had in their bag of tricks this night..5

Up and down the city streets, children decked in costumes of Halloween fun haunted in fun the houses brightly lit with orange and black inviting décor, The owners awaiting with brightly wrapped treats to hand out to the traveler’s calling at their doors. That is~ All but one…6

911 operator chill dread in the air, wondering what the Halloween night had in store..7

Evening alive with crickets playing a gay tune, A night whipperwill sings glad for the moons light.
Up in the sky a lone owl searches for a meal hoping the night will not end to soon. It too whoots it hunting cry far into the night..8

Twins costumed Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Cute little rolly polly stuffed pillows hiding their devils horns are leaving their house..9

A bowl of opiate laced candies set waiting….10

Who’s that knocking at my door? Grandma grins as the twins Holler their eager calls. Pretends her fright at the monster faces on Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Secretly wondering why her daughter would allow the sweet darlings to paint the masks she saw on their faces. Not knowing they’d done the painting after leaving home…11

Two burning of cats, the corner grocery robbed, dozens of T P-ing reports, and a half dozen mail boxes destroyed so far. This was going to be a long night, the 911 operator thought..12

He welcomed the children to his door, handing out candy from a orange and black pumpkin. If they noticed the bowl sitting aside, no one asked for one of the gaily wrapped candy in it. Soon he thought one will. He smiled..13

The owl had snared a rabbit in its talons. Passed low over the gay parade of revelers having a good night on the dark city streets. Too whoot , tut whoo, its eerie bird call spooking some who heard its call
Two little rolly poly revelers paid no heed..14

Brurr-ring Brurr=ring. Mama answered the phone. Hello mom. What! No! They were’nt wearing frighting masks. I would never let them go out like that. She hung up the phone shaking her head at her children’s latest prank. Just wait till they get home…15

Took up his bottle and decided to take a walk down the road. Swaggering with each step that he took.
He found a dumpster in a quiet ally, took respite in the comfort of a large brown box resting behind it. Quickly fainting into a nightmare sleep…16

Another duo came to his door, Their chilly faces grinning as they held out their bags, He reached for the pumpkin bowl. They said, Can we have the other ones in that bowl?. And he reached for the bowl of opiate laced treats., saying: These are special would you take a bite and tell me how you like them?…17

Mom decided to not wait, went in search of her naughty boy and girl…18

Happiness fueled the whirling children, who gladly entered the house. Their cries of pain and distraught lost in its depths…19

He thought he saw two black shadows enter the dumpster. Tried to tell them this was his, find another one. He couldn’t utter a word. The devil was there with them, He stayed hidden and drifted back into his nightmare. Now filled with sights of two blood covered children…20

The frantic weeping of a mother missing her children came in at twelve midnight..21

The owl alighted on its tree branch to partake of its meal with its brood in the nest. Tut whoot Tut whoo it called to the mother and searchers roaming the streets. Like a warning called: You should never let your young fledglings loose alone in the night…22

No one believed the tale of the drunk. Found searching the dumpster. Caught red handed holding a frightful masked girl, all covered in blood. His nightmare come alive. He sent to prison for the awful crime…23

Halloween night a year later. He waited by the door for that special child to taste his opiate laced candy from that special bowl…24

(clarice) 10/16/2010
Note: I greatly admire Seb and Mike Carson’s writing in this style and thank them for the inspiration to try my ink at it.
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Battle of Gravelines

October 10, 2010
Battle of Gravelines

We dropped anchor off the coast of Gravelines
At the coastal border area between France and the Spanish Netherlands.
All was quiet there this October eve .
After a pleasant sail from England
We thought to spent a restful night before sailing on into port.
Ma and I had just retired and were pleasantly nestled in our bunks
Awoke to the sound of thunder bombarding our eardrums
The shouts and cries of a fierce battle coming from above
Had us scurrying to don our clothes and hurry topside
We were in the mist of a raging 16th century battle
Spanish galleons flying Elizabeth-1- of England’s flag were under attack
Bravely the Grandey Felicisima Armada, commanded by the Duke of Medina Sidoma
Repelled the English fire ships attacks
24 vessels sank before our eyes and 50 dragged wounded on the seas
We felt the cannon sail right through our small vessel
Sailors fell aboard , who either jumped or were cast off a galleon moored at our side
Their hallow skeleton eyes stared sightless in our eyes
They were talking, mouths moving, but no sound was heard
Swords, knives and cutlasses raised to strike us dead
Tattered men dressed in blue stops, white chemise and blue doublets
Feet clad in rope sandals kelp covered carried them as they surrounded ma and I
She clasped me tight, “I don’t want to die this night pa”
We both were paralyzed frozen to the deck
While they kept coming, coming closer with their weapons raised
And then just as quickly as they appeared they were gone as a cloud darkened the moon
Before the moon appeared we raised anchor and sailed
Looking back to see the battle still raging when the moons veil lifted
We did not stop until we sailed into Gravelines Port
Frantic to report our encounter with the battle
We made the port authority our first stop
The commander listened patiently to our tale
Then he and his comrades knowing shook their heads
“You and your wife are very lucky sir
Every Hallows Eve when the battle of Gravelines falls on the same date
The ghostly armadas raise and the battle ensues
Few witnesses ever lived to tell of seeing the war
So we, ma and I left France the next day
We made a vow to never sail the English Channel during late October
And thanked the Lord for our escape

(clarice) 10/05/2010

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