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People Out On The Street.

September 2, 2011

          People Out On The Street.
        By Todd A. Carter and (clarice)

        People out on the street..
        walk around in defeat….
        Beggin’ for blankets but.
        settling for sheets
        Tattered and ragged with blistered feet!
        and all the while the media tries..
        to separate the blue from the skies..
        feeding us lies and alibis..
        while the world cries…
        Not the leaders though….
        acting like they don’t know…

        Down in the ghetto up on the hill
        pills, booze and weed give temporary thrills
        Molly’s got a friend who turns the key
        once more to be preyed upon by demons harsh sea
        Fly to the sky in a ship of maggots
        Eating your soul like bandits
        A table of Angel Dust the tea service
        the glass house crumbles into hells thermos
        Chased by ghosts so real
        in sight sound and feel
        Molly’s friend left her no peace

        The story is the same immersed in the game
        but the game is insane, foolin’ your brain..
        Tricking Jack Spratt into dining on Phat
        Till they watched him Splatt with a rat tat tat..
        We’ve become a calamity of inhumanity…
        while they preach piety to a lost society..
        Try stoppin’ the Lie by stoppin’ the supply..
        how many more mothers must you watch cry..?
        Shedding rivers of tears as her children die
     Schools in session but you forgot how to teach..How to reach
     Up high on your podiums to smirk inside as you preach

        But the trust has been breached..

      The night pushers summon the damned to hells demons,
        Money is loose as the goose is cooked
        to diesel the needle hungry
        But Molly’s past caring , not sharing or despairing
        she’s on a morgue trolley, body gone ghostly..dead !
        The politicians stand contrite vowing to set it all right
     To curb the flow that took Molly’s soul on a slow crack night
        Their right hand raised in pledge,
        left hand greased with greed’s bread
     And down on the street pushers fleet of feet cast their wares
        As the book slams, the lambs damned, casket sealed
        Epitaph reads ‘Will your child be next?’

                                           Colab by

Todd A Carter and Stormy Dormire (the poet clarice)