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December 10, 2011

Touch me if you dare
The God's you follow won't care
 Medea knows your fickle touch
Leaving a red trail on the sea of erotica
Eros aphrodisiac
Of myrtle, poppy, rose and apple, turned magic
Carried upon a single dart to the heart

Was it not I 
In a golden chariot bedecked of rubies and amethyst
Who flew cross the stratosphere
Encased in the vestments of hearts rapture
Night after night
To find silken sheets and honey combs of desire
Wrapped in your arms

Arms hairy with betrayal
Learned in the whoring of man
Scaring each sweet virgin maiden
A red trail of a touch
Once felt, never healed
In death sought Satan gives no pardon
Just deflocking night after night

Its your red life’s blood
Flows cross the horizon
Tossed on the waves of evil frenzy
Suckled and spit into agonies cauldron
As I cast my desperation and madness
After your now dead heart
Wailing the loss of your arms
I'm bound chained and denied

(clarice) 12/08/2011