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Brown Wren Sentential

March 22, 2012

Brown Wren Sentential


I peer through the globe that is my window

  To watch the shower of fleecy snow

Spun into a blanket upon natures spindle

A white coverlet setting the landscape aglow


The craving comes from out of nowhere

For a fat cigar and a glass of rum

Whilst fishing from my rickedy pier that meanders

  Lazily swaying with each swamp breath across the run


The engaging vision reluctantly flees

Leaving a pirating catfish leaping to catch a bluefly

As a shadowy muddled quiver of dread impedes

  I return to my window and the view outside


A brown wren sentential is standing watch

  Amongst the icy twigs in my sleeping garden

Quietly patient clinched firm its clout

I wished for, but heard not its sweet warbling anthem


What I wonder does it defend; I search the horizon

Thoroughly perusing all four points of the compass

Find a frolicking family of squirrels on a forage mission

So carefree leaping pine branches in an effervescent dance


Far south a rich green and tenebrous yellow river drifts past

  High above two house wrens dip and expose flashing yellow tails

  Their rich bubbly chorus an angelic welcome blest

Calling the hidden fish as men cast rods of baited appeal


They’re quick to dart for the rich banquet of flies

That thrive in the swamps languid environs

Not so the bleak statue so still under white swirling sky

The marble cairns gone silently into the heavens


(clarice) 03/22/2012

The Way Of Learning

March 22, 2012

For Tanisha’s Challenge

The Way Of Learning

As a child, I dreamed of cowboys, teddy bears, and my daddy’s garden

As a child,I knew not of hardships, China’s wares, and supermarkets

but time soon came crawling

As a child the world loved me and accepted my monkey capers

As a child I knew not how they caused my mother torture

As a child at full tilt

Blazing new paths

My armies full kilt

Followed happily

As a child death had not darkened my door

As a child I knew not grief that stays hidden under a caged floor

the cruelty of losing a child

As a child I had yet to learn of the evils of rancor

As a child thieves, poverty, grief, abandonment were just words

As a child I grew to know both sides of the coins of life

As a child the joy of marriage and children were limelight’s

Yet to be realized

As a child innocence

A blessing

Living into old age

The way of learning

As a child you are putty awaiting God’s hand in the molding

(clarice) 03/19/12

for Alba Hernández Abrego