The Way Of Learning

For Tanisha’s Challenge

The Way Of Learning

As a child, I dreamed of cowboys, teddy bears, and my daddy’s garden

As a child,I knew not of hardships, China’s wares, and supermarkets

but time soon came crawling

As a child the world loved me and accepted my monkey capers

As a child I knew not how they caused my mother torture

As a child at full tilt

Blazing new paths

My armies full kilt

Followed happily

As a child death had not darkened my door

As a child I knew not grief that stays hidden under a caged floor

the cruelty of losing a child

As a child I had yet to learn of the evils of rancor

As a child thieves, poverty, grief, abandonment were just words

As a child I grew to know both sides of the coins of life

As a child the joy of marriage and children were limelight’s

Yet to be realized

As a child innocence

A blessing

Living into old age

The way of learning

As a child you are putty awaiting God’s hand in the molding

(clarice) 03/19/12

for Alba Hernández Abrego

2 Responses to “The Way Of Learning”

  1. granbee Says:

    This is such a masterful capture of our journey from childhood into our supposed “mature” years! Thank you so much! I pray to be putty in the hands of God, always! Otherwise, I will never be a pot worthy of holding anything of value!

  2. singingclarice Says:

    Thank you, I so enjoy your postings read them in my e-mail as soon as you post most times, I don’t comment to often, I have trouble logging into these to leave a reply, but please know I am reading you,…Your words are so true

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