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A Night to Remembe

March 25, 2014

A Night to Remember

Long lost words whisper slowly
Through a maize of smoky honey
Dripping nightmares turning sour
As they approach the witching hour
Shaggy dogs and black sheep
Prowl the edges trying to escape
While Virgo plays tattoo on my heart
Her arrows poisoned with black art
Putting me into a twilight zone
Where Pistol packing mama pulls a cellular phone
And calls Goldeneye and Goldfinger
To deliver mustang justice with their trigger finger
I took off running from the man with the golden gun
Through a shooting gallery of duck runs
Barefoot and buckwild, my itchy finger longed for an equalizer(s)
With a tribe of hungry lions searching for an appetizer
That I was so afraid was to be me
I searched for a door to end this crazy dream
Like little black sambo I ran round and round
As from out of the shadows came a team of clowns
Like bushwackers armed and dangerous with gold guns
They aimed their Saturday-night specials and begun
To dance on boots with guns while twirling batons
To the music of Johannes Brahms
King Kong laughed and grabbed my pony tail
And tossed me like a tenpenny nail
Out of bed, ending my crazy slumber
And a night I never want to remember

(clarice) 12/27/2013

Age and Aging

March 21, 2014

Age and Aging


Quarter past midlife and all is crumbling

No longer full locks of dark shining silk

The reaper has thined my masses with iron strokes

Gone is the pearls of wisdom I doled to my diary

My id and my muse have taken to rambling

Sweet nothings and erotic fumblings arise to find my bed empty

Life galloped full speed over rivers, hillcocks and steeples

The pleasures, adventures and pitfalls left me breathing its fare

Now the ravages have corroded my wiring

Shortened the breath I take, and left me wobbling on times aching reality

Disease and frailty assult my every step

Soon the darkness will come and with it peace and the gates of heaven

But not until I’ve shot the moon 

Walked on the hot coals of frivolity, lust and gluttony 

Singing to the angels who watch from afar

I’m carrying my Bible to check now and then

Praying not straying from His Holy Word, 

Just adding lifes spices along the way

Even in Muthuselas body I can still ply life

I’ve grabbed my cructhes and tossed out the pity

Hello world, I’m here for another day

(clarice) 12/02/2013