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Toilet Woes

May 24, 2014

Written on a comment bemoaning the sad cheap state of toilet paper now days by Alba Hernández Abrego

May 24, 2014


Toilet Woes


The need was urgent

The stall clogged and littered

I wondered if they ever used a detergent

While wandering hastily to release my ripper

With brownies showing and honey filtering

I finally perched on a throne

Gave forth with vigor

The foot long excrement with a groan

Reached for the paper to cleanse my arse

Like dry sandpaper the scrap of scrapper

Did nothing but give me a rash

I now had to dash for the soothing salve

Of baby ointment to take care of my toilet woes


(clarice) 05/24/2014


Why Did The Chicken Refuse To Cross The Road

May 24, 2014

Why Did The Chicken Refuse To Cross The Road


Spring came first and grabbed the seed

Summer blossomed in the sun

Autumn hid it all in its greed

Winter’s freeze won in the long run

There in the bushes he lay in wait

Four little chickens lost from home

Traveling toward a tragic fate

They ignored their mama and decided to roam

Down the road to easy pickings

That field of wheat was mighty tempting

To those little chicklings

A blue dress, frayed and old

Invited the offers to give her a home

With new rags to drag in the vice laced cold

Pimped and squeezed left for dead

Feeding a golden field of weeds

The bus roared past never caring

A hepped up guitarist riding its coach

Grabbed a high note like a spinning top

Caught the weed and bled himself out

To be laid stoned in a potters field

Ripe for the picking the bird flew over

Rolling black and red goose eggs

His last roll in the chamber the grim reaper

The last to cross the great divide

Couldn’t resist the yellow ride

Of  Dr Jekyll, aka Mr Hyde

Golden flowers, sweet nothings and honeyed bliss

Milled her virginity in strangulation

The one in waiting

Remembering mamas words

Took no easy ride or greener pastures

He plowed and planted his golden harvest


(clarice) 05/16/2014



May 4, 2014

Topic: Serendipity
Suggested by Deborah Trimble


It was happenstance
I try not to dwell on the aftermath
Of what if we hadn’t met by chance
Or shared that first laugh

It was a disaster
A single ship tossing on a wild sea
Easy prey for a pirating master
I meekly bent to your knee

The slither of a boa to devour
And  tossing and sweating
In dreams before the fatal hour
Did nothing to stop the wedding

Through years of torment
I lived imprisoned and abused
From that chance event
Wishing and praying to be removed

The time came
Someone saw my plight
Knew I was in real pain
And aided me in my flight

Forever grateful, I now fight
To help the abused and helpless
With all my might
No one needs be defenseless

To this end I pledge

(clarice) 05/03/2014