Topic: Serendipity
Suggested by Deborah Trimble


It was happenstance
I try not to dwell on the aftermath
Of what if we hadn’t met by chance
Or shared that first laugh

It was a disaster
A single ship tossing on a wild sea
Easy prey for a pirating master
I meekly bent to your knee

The slither of a boa to devour
And  tossing and sweating
In dreams before the fatal hour
Did nothing to stop the wedding

Through years of torment
I lived imprisoned and abused
From that chance event
Wishing and praying to be removed

The time came
Someone saw my plight
Knew I was in real pain
And aided me in my flight

Forever grateful, I now fight
To help the abused and helpless
With all my might
No one needs be defenseless

To this end I pledge

(clarice) 05/03/2014



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