Toilet Woes

Written on a comment bemoaning the sad cheap state of toilet paper now days by Alba Hernández Abrego

May 24, 2014


Toilet Woes


The need was urgent

The stall clogged and littered

I wondered if they ever used a detergent

While wandering hastily to release my ripper

With brownies showing and honey filtering

I finally perched on a throne

Gave forth with vigor

The foot long excrement with a groan

Reached for the paper to cleanse my arse

Like dry sandpaper the scrap of scrapper

Did nothing but give me a rash

I now had to dash for the soothing salve

Of baby ointment to take care of my toilet woes


(clarice) 05/24/2014



6 Responses to “Toilet Woes”

  1. irene Says:


  2. trev Says:

    WOW!! a foot long??… thats got to be like giving birth Gail.. LOL.. I alway check there is paper handy AFTER I have started and then start to think what to do when you don’t find any ahahah… I love your humour Gail its like a breath of fresh air girl.. with a peg on the nose of course… LOL… brilliant read… loved it.. 🙂 xxx

  3. Leeza Says:

    Pithy, pungent! On your toes with toilet woes! Ha!

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