Burn Baby Burn


Burn Baby Burn

Lily unsurpassed in lithesome grace
Catching fire in the rising pyre
Color red, Encased in lace all ablaze
Entrances many a suitor into hell fire
Their hearts up in flames
From spontaneous combustion of desire

The devils hand a pyromania of insanity
Undead energy rose from the inferno
The shining skeletal fire stroked her vanity
Incubus of fire and ice eternal
He torched her inner salacity
With fingers of tentacled bliss

He played her innocence
With supernatural spellbound strokes
Burning ice inflaming claiming
Whispers from under her petticoats
I’m all afire burning for you
Rapturous haven of pleasures fondue

Under tutelage a hell-raiser clary
Lily glowed no more for her devil
To late learning hell hath no fury
Her color red, encased in lace all ablaze
Gone with the wind in a flurry
Burnt ashes rued regret


(clarice) 06/02/2014


2 Responses to “Burn Baby Burn”

  1. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb Says:

    Such a treat to read. You’re so very creative. I love it — powerful images and wordplay. Brilliant!

  2. Myke Todd Says:

    Not sure it this is going down in a blaze of glory, or gory…
    Either way, gone is gone.

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