Arlingtons Ghosts , A Soldiers Diary

A Soldiers Diary (collab with Stormy Gail Dormire)

Our fallen warriors’ cavalier forces
Proud unbowed, those hallowed faces in crowded traces
Fighting, firing, biting, diving knights
Of valor and honor, in battle midst they duel
Red, white and blue their call to glory
Arlington’s diaries of stories, scary await in this tomb

As the smoke wafts and begins to rise, heads bow while souls lift open eyes
Hold the cries…these were chosen flights…exposing plights
Darkness ran the day, but they owned the night with exploding lights
Woven bright as wings flowed with might, angelic type…coded lives
Read the diaries…they are written in the Lambs Book by lightening
Before hands shook, before their souls were took…it was blessed in writing

In trenches, drenched in blood, death and endless tension they crowd
Their fears, tears and experiences spilled upon lives pages
Outpouring each skirmish, rifle shot, friend lost, death they wrought
Combatants torn, ragged tired, proud…turned eyes and cries to avow wars crimes
As blood ran red, men lie dead, souls part for heaven and damnation through time
Leaving only the Letters home, journals, hurried scribbles…fervid penned phrases
Packed and tucked in black pockets of despair

Pockets get emptied and boxed as bodies placed in flag covered coffins
Screen doors creak; followed by a knock…it happens way too often
Broken down mother read the tales of honor, survival and of fear
Stories of bullets, blood and bombers, she ponders with eyes covered in tears
Families would gladly trade the word “Hero” for “Alive” if only given the chance
Freedom is not free; it’s paid by the lives of those who will not advance
So as the letters and diaries are placed in their final box of memories
We pray for all the fallen soldiers, who defended us from all our enemies

06/08/2014 David LuckyLefty Cardenas and (clarice)

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8 Responses to “Arlingtons Ghosts , A Soldiers Diary”

  1. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb Says:

    Thankful to so many who sacrifice for us. Eloquent and powerful Collab.

  2. Beverly Meredyk Says:

    Writing this response through tears… So full of emotion and truth.. My husband is a Veteran. We still fight the fight that goes on in his head. Battle scars crying for lost buddies. Fallen warriors…Thank you for remembering them…

  3. stephanyborders Says:

    A tremendous story, a hope that there is not a heart too jaded to be moved by this write. wonderfully done.

  4. David Cardenas Says:

    This was a great collab. I forgot all about it, but it says a lot. Thank you for allowing me to write with you.

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