The shadow  gravely eclipsed in the rapine stained earth
Leaves its cadaverous berth
Still reeling its passing from life to surcease
It   floats above the scene
Watching the detectives
Taking stock of her grisly remains
A grim sight no longer budding innocence 
The once vital breathing waif –  lifeless
Her spirit gone
She grieves for her youth and all that is lost

A vertiginous issuance zephyr of lament and revenge
Her ghostly spirit begins her haunt
She cannot leave her miscreant  assailant
Angered that he is there enjoying his kill
Did they  not see
Did they not suspect
The lead detective flaunting, taunting them all
As he takes charge shaking with raging pretense
Her shadow passes over him and stalls

A keening wind whispering in the harsh twilight
Screaming ” I know who-oo , I know who-oo, I do”
Circled taunting the detective with a punishing bite
And the shadow with choking claws descends
He feels its length begin 
Tightening its long black form around his conscience
Maddening pressing the wind keeps taunting
The shadow tightens its  vengeance
Would it never end?
“When you confess, confess –  confess”
(clarice) 02/22/2014

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