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A Jar Of Sea

July 22, 2014

A Jar Of Sea

Swells lifted and fell with tormenting regularity
Pounding the grief of ages through her soul
The night winds teased memories scroll
Lifting leaf by leaf his broken promises
Till only the decaying wood round her heart
Kept her afloat in the roiling ocean of dark
Betrayal that had brought her to the edge
Clinging on to the mast of eternities ship
Through the fog of misfortune her grip
Remained heartened by a sirens song
Thieving Pirates will sail into your port
Like gallant adventures seeking your heart
Sharing a sip from the jar of sea ambrosia
Swallow only the foam, leave the roses
Floating on waves to a beach there to lie
In the dark sands of memories hourglass
And return to port heal thy breast
A captain awaits to claim your troth

(clarice) 07/22/2014

Spaceballs Barvy

July 19, 2014

Plato, Tycho and Coernicus watched the supermassive black hole looming
In the path of their interplanetary travel route
As it neared Plato kest:
Spaceballs barvy! Thats one supernova ballooning
Get your cosmic wheels turning boys. We’re gonna shoot
Across the Universe into that alveolate nest.”

Sure as garvels have freckles
The foolish meat can travelers
Checked tackle, blasters and buckled
For a lightflight adventure

The radio master Tycho relayed their fleet
Calling Occupants of Interplanetary craft
We’re set in motion by the same big bang
That ‘Space Oddity‘ of blackness so deep
Awaiting all who dare its perilous mass
Hail Dirt flyers we’re hitting it full whang”

The meat canners set their course singing
Outer space stygian ink is my sea of nectar
It sets the fires juices tickling
As we probe its dimensions for treasure”

Like intergalactic speedsters they hauled jets
The atomic space bug they drove roared
Circling around the sun dead set
On invading the black space as yet unexplored
Jupiter and Saturn, Oberon, Miranda and Titania.
.Neptune, Titan, were avoided with care
Those Stars can frighten a Starsters crania

With planets aligning in the sunset sky
The trio sang ” We are the planets protectors
Celestial bodies aren’t farkled, or need to cry
We star wars soldiers are their ready defenders”

Coernicus laughed for the joy of this mission
“Boys,” he kest. “Black Color is my day-long companion
I don’t give a Psadan’s patoot whats ahead
Sun spots and space gas won’t put us out of commission
Hold on tight we’re entering that grand canyon”
And the massive cavern swallowed them in its murky bed

Sure as garvels have freckles
The foolish meat can travelers
Found some revelation space sprinkles
That did the dirty on the invading foreigners

The whole of the universe watched and waited
Would those star troopers survive and exit
The Black Hole of Naka
Would the No-being’s land, blast asteriated
The invading space bug polit, twit, split
And falanakaly samba them to bits in its huffa

All of space a twitter awaited the crews Yaa-yaah
But awaited in vain so it seemed amid rumor
That a snarly space dragon been seen circling Naka
Picking its teeth and in very good humor

(clarice) 07/19/2014

Marvin Martian this one is for you…And I used every guess in this

Definitions for words and phrases in blog:
Lightfight: Slang term for a fight involving blasters
Meat can: Slang for soldier, referring to armor
Do garvals have freckles?: A phrase equivalent to “Does night follow day?
Kest: An expletive.
Dirt flyer: Phrase used by Jagged Fel to describe an atmospheric pilot
Farkled: An adaptable expletive, as in, “You just got farkled.”, or used to describe any situation
………………………..which was bleak or disastrous, as in, “We’re farkled.
Give a Psadan’s patoot: Phrase that meant “to care about something”, however usually said as
……………………….”didn’t give” or “don’t give a Psadan’s patoot
falanakaly: crossly

‘Cherish The Moment’

July 13, 2014

‘Cherish the Moment’

Cherish the moments
We have so few in our rare air
Where lilies and blackbirds keep us focused
On their scheming claims for wizzy busy bees
Tempting them with veiled love affairs

The mouse and the mole hasten
Under a barbed potters pot
Lest the gardener lay a hoe on their hair
Taking the green falseness on spot
Off to a parade of village jeers

We tax and wax the land we share
Mighty moments descend with swift hand
A garden of fertiled peons are tended with care
Taking the breath we breathe to seethe
Watching will and decree die nullified

(clarice) 07/09/2014

5 Minuet write suggested by Deborah Trimble

The Devils Chutzpah

July 1, 2014



The Devils ChutzpahImage


Upon my personal equation,
                      a craven invasion of body and soul
Too beat’

           I repeat,
                      too beat to take the heat of persecution coals
Scorched, parched, perched in desperation on affliction cross
The devils chutzpah fast ` blasting` swag of miseries sauce
Plots to ensnare, scare , impair, me in despair if I should fall

His Demon curses rain,
Angels know only pain, weather vane compass`, insane` bane
Dance a tune he only hears, to waltz in assault upon my person

No where to hide,
No where to stay alive, mandemon perquisition fried

Driven to drink, to easy oblivion, to be briefly free of,
Callously given agony, apathy and malady, intimations cruel love

This chutzpah evil of
Hurdled words, bruised comments, black hits`, maim` precision
To my despair, jars the stray white liver, selfdom

Mortification’s tower,
                       cowered abyss,
                                      no sky in sight,
                                                    where is the light
Will salvation decry , rail, my jail .
                                                Ride to my side

One prayer, declared, plead to Heavens Ears,
Take my fears
               Give me cheer, hope and salvation
                                              from the bonds of persecution

The way was clear, destiny found, My God led me out
The Devils chutzpah dissolved,
                    solved as he was bound, chained and imprisoned
No longer to spread his animadversion and affliction.

(clarice) 07/01/2014