‘Cherish The Moment’

‘Cherish the Moment’

Cherish the moments
We have so few in our rare air
Where lilies and blackbirds keep us focused
On their scheming claims for wizzy busy bees
Tempting them with veiled love affairs

The mouse and the mole hasten
Under a barbed potters pot
Lest the gardener lay a hoe on their hair
Taking the green falseness on spot
Off to a parade of village jeers

We tax and wax the land we share
Mighty moments descend with swift hand
A garden of fertiled peons are tended with care
Taking the breath we breathe to seethe
Watching will and decree die nullified

(clarice) 07/09/2014

5 Minuet write suggested by Deborah Trimble

3 Responses to “‘Cherish The Moment’”

  1. trev Says:

    beautifully penned Gail…
    we mothers nature with permanent concrete we call progress…
    as giants stomping around blindly …
    indeed … Taking the breath we breathe …. (hugz) xxx

  2. singingclarice Says:

    Thank you Trevor. Our illegal immigration problem is getting worse by the day.

  3. johncoyote Says:

    A very good 5 minute poem. We need to cherish the good moments and make them last. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

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