A Jar Of Sea

A Jar Of Sea

Swells lifted and fell with tormenting regularity
Pounding the grief of ages through her soul
The night winds teased memories scroll
Lifting leaf by leaf his broken promises
Till only the decaying wood round her heart
Kept her afloat in the roiling ocean of dark
Betrayal that had brought her to the edge
Clinging on to the mast of eternities ship
Through the fog of misfortune her grip
Remained heartened by a sirens song
Thieving Pirates will sail into your port
Like gallant adventures seeking your heart
Sharing a sip from the jar of sea ambrosia
Swallow only the foam, leave the roses
Floating on waves to a beach there to lie
In the dark sands of memories hourglass
And return to port heal thy breast
A captain awaits to claim your troth

(clarice) 07/22/2014

5 Responses to “A Jar Of Sea”

  1. Myke Todd Says:

    Following the call of a siren’s song, never leads to a good end, other than once more gaining shore.

  2. Venus Daughter Says:

    Vivid images, love it, Clarice.

  3. Bettie Says:

    Awesome piece penned here very interesting indeed be .. Hugs .. 🙂

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