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Just Another Full Moon

August 16, 2014

Just Another Full Moon
5 minute write
Suggested by Peter Doyle

Night winds caressed the earth lifting leaves to tickle and tease
Round and about her slight frame
Holding her close, the wind sent a desperate lovers call on the breeze
Hurry hurry it cried, my plight is nearer and nearer the flame
Extinction abides with the waning night and the devils hand
Send me an angel to remove all sorrows and cleanse my heart
That I may find true love in the light of the milky star band
Playing a dance across the heavens in this gloom filled dark
That lays its shadows and darts on my broken spirit
All heaven responded, how could it not to that desperate cry
The cry heard round the earth opened their hearts into song
Golden wings fluttered arose and as one they did fly
To bring a lover to appease and heal the lonely one
No longer the night just another full moon for shedding tears

(clarice) 08/16/2014

Mood Indigo

August 12, 2014

Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo spiraling insanity lost in limbo

He took a long drink of the blues

Drafted a desperate throbbing fractal  combo

A diving rhapsody  bruised, confused from her news


  Mr Tumble` Our time is up

   I Heard it Through the Grapevine

   Bout you ! Chasin’ the bird, dancin’ in her lovin’ cup

   Gropin’ her jelly roll blues comparin’ dem to fine wine”

   “What am I? Your one o’clock jump

   Two humps of  a bit of chocolate flavor

   Before heading to that Birdland frump

   For a molly-pop jam session of sexual favors”

   “Oh I see-ees you up to no good

   No No No Stop! In the Name of Love

   It’ll be a long night in Tunisia ya rathood

   Before I’d ever call you my love”

Then his one true love walked her Bemsha Swing

Like seductive Paris sketches out of  “Cafe Le Dauphin”

Three musicians serenading that fine sweet-cup swing

The jazz trio unawares she was sending him to his coffin

He sat listening to the minstrels through the night

Their music art an allegro of Dixie blues

And as long as they want to play into the night

He’d float those St. Louis Blues on his misery cruise

Closing time.  Castigated Tumble stagger’d his blue funk hunk

To the slimy dock at the end of Cyan Rat Run

Stood in a blue haze neath the old devil moon blind drunk

Cried for his love and Spun once, than he was done

His courage came spiraling from the coronet

Crooning  a desperate throbbing fractal  combo

Of lost amour, and a sweet tush sashaying eloquent

And he headed for the bar on the corner and  Consuelo

(clarice) 08/11/2014