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On the Streets of New York

September 8, 2014

On the Streets of New York

I tried to remember how once long ago
On the streets of New York we sang and danced
Our stocky heels tapped over a million little bricks
Eastside Westside with happy exuberance
We did the E Street Shuffle up and down the brick lanes
It was a walk on the wild side of our youth

Now nothing remains as I travel the city
Its a Sesame Street carnival long in the tooth
Many streets turned into vistas of crime and decay
A bag lady in the ghetto walks layer burdened
Avoids the just arrived sisters new to street ways
She keeps on walking her possessions

This is positively 4th Street but I don’t know it
One would have to be color blind
Or dreaming of being on Broadway in a skit
Evil and goodness merge in its gardens
The sights and the sounds are familiar
Till you look closer as day’s safety melts into peril

I find when walking in Queens its even bigger
Bridges connect the Borough’s many sites
Every race, color and creed live and breath here
Animation zests to carry on the traditions
We once so gaily danced with joie de vivre
If only the valley of the dolls weren’t also here

With a sigh I note Yesterday is but today’s memory,
As I long for a little taste of that careless dance
Say goodbye yellow brick road vacantly empty
Realizing that even when the cold rain falls
On pleasures of the id we can purchase hope
and tomorrow is today’s dream for the future

(clarice) 09/07/2014

Bread, Politics and Toil

September 3, 2014

Bread, Politics and Toil
Workaday toiler circles endlessly
In perpetual diligence till night descends
His world determined in political arenas 
Slight of speech, spinning discord and toxic ambrosias
Promises lost to hard fought revolution
Bleak skeletons hoeing scraps of dignity
Under laughing eyes of greed’s compensation
Greeting perpetuities golden mourning orb

(clarice) 09/02/2014