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Natures Dance

November 18, 2014

Natures Dance

Natures Dance


How often has Natures Dance opened with clouds

of lace tatted fairies

Swiveling gliding downward to the globe.

Spreading feathery flakes of white cheer on all below.

That first welcome sign of winters pleasure.

When equinox has not yet entered its  bitter weather .


We relax and dream of marshmallow days

Currier and Ives out the picture window

A cup of joe and toasty fire all aglow

While dog and cat share

Hearth and warmth before the blazing flare

All too soon father time will chime


The fierce winds will blow out of the north

Their battle cry. unfurling blizzard devastation.

And we’ll huddle close through the squalling desolation

Awake to a glittering panorama

Of diamond shards icing its glass frosting

Across the landscape without ceasing


And perhaps aurora boreala will be bye

Shimmering jeweled ribbons across the sky

Candy pinks, radiant blues, and sabine green

Carrying lace tatted fairies dancing on high

To Jack Frosts winter crinkle melody

While below the colors dance playful revelry


And we dream of happy days to hibernate

Within our bundled homes as Winter migrates

Into every nook and corner of our world

With its feathery snows, marshmallow days

Blizzards, iced diamond frosting and jewel ribbons

We leave its crescendoing chills outside our abodes


(clarice) 11/17/2014

Time Is Ticking

November 9, 2014

Time Is Ticking -Hebrides Moon’s fifth poetry challenge….Etheree

                        Time Is Ticking

Tick tick tick the genie races like grease lighting

     His shadow cast along the trail he travels

           Neither rain nor wind can stop him

                The edict gave him little time

                    His date with destiny lies

                      past the open stargate

                             time is ticking

                           must not be late

                            the feast waits




                             deli meats

                     a true gourmet feast

                       nothing parallels

              ennui be damned he has this

       the words still ringing in his thoughts

   Why why why your  unrequited critique sir

      your review of  my four star restaurant

Is the only way to keep you out of your Jinn bottle
                      (clarice) 11/08/20l4

Hebrides Moon’s fifth poetry challenge….Etheree


Use any or all words in the list in your creations
unrequited / wine / words / past / shadow / parallel /genie / lightning / ennui / race
Glass Etheree


Unrequited love cries

      For words to comfort it

   Wine to drown its sorrows

    Awaiting lightnings strike

     To erase cruelties blow

       Deaden the past fire





              true love   

            once again     
(clarice) 11/08/2014

Where Did The Day Go

November 7, 2014

Where Did The Day Go


Tired and hungry, struggling in the heat of exhaustion

Awaiting the team that would soon pass by

To carry me and my co-workers to a new destination

Where the long rows of berries lie

Just turning with the ripe plumpness of Natures success

And we will again bend our backs

Lean into the black dirt to harvest each from its nest

Under the hot fire burning leather our skin with blister packs

Sucking the air, draining the moisture with unrelenting torture

All for two bits a crate, grumbles from the foreman

That our quotient isn’t being met for working in this scorcher

But the end of the next stop beckons

A short break under the wagon and two lard smothered rolls

Someone will break out his harmonica

And the music will play to brighten our souls

And continue our task to fill the daily challenge

We wipe the sweat from our brows while waving goodbye

While wondering where did the day go

(clarice) 11/07.2014