Where Did The Day Go

Where Did The Day Go


Tired and hungry, struggling in the heat of exhaustion

Awaiting the team that would soon pass by

To carry me and my co-workers to a new destination

Where the long rows of berries lie

Just turning with the ripe plumpness of Natures success

And we will again bend our backs

Lean into the black dirt to harvest each from its nest

Under the hot fire burning leather our skin with blister packs

Sucking the air, draining the moisture with unrelenting torture

All for two bits a crate, grumbles from the foreman

That our quotient isn’t being met for working in this scorcher

But the end of the next stop beckons

A short break under the wagon and two lard smothered rolls

Someone will break out his harmonica

And the music will play to brighten our souls

And continue our task to fill the daily challenge

We wipe the sweat from our brows while waving goodbye

While wondering where did the day go

(clarice) 11/07.2014

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6 Responses to “Where Did The Day Go”

  1. Bettie Says:

    Day goes by quick when havin fun !!!! .. 🙂

  2. singingclarice Says:

    I don”t know if they were having fun, but they were sure working hard Bettie

  3. trev Says:

    working the land is never an easy thing to do…
    out in all weathers at the mercy of mother natures wrath…
    but slavery wages make the existence all too familiar…
    wondering why greed should outweigh the good life in such a way!
    loved the read Gail… 🙂 xxx

  4. Myke Todd Says:

    I cannot imagine a more difficult existence than this.

  5. singingclarice Says:

    Trevor and Myke . You are so right. Thank you for reading guys

  6. johncoyote Says:

    Times does go too quickly.
    “While wondering where did the day go”
    It seem life does move very fast.

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