Natures Dance

Natures Dance

Natures Dance


How often has Natures Dance opened with clouds

of lace tatted fairies

Swiveling gliding downward to the globe.

Spreading feathery flakes of white cheer on all below.

That first welcome sign of winters pleasure.

When equinox has not yet entered its  bitter weather .


We relax and dream of marshmallow days

Currier and Ives out the picture window

A cup of joe and toasty fire all aglow

While dog and cat share

Hearth and warmth before the blazing flare

All too soon father time will chime


The fierce winds will blow out of the north

Their battle cry. unfurling blizzard devastation.

And we’ll huddle close through the squalling desolation

Awake to a glittering panorama

Of diamond shards icing its glass frosting

Across the landscape without ceasing


And perhaps aurora boreala will be bye

Shimmering jeweled ribbons across the sky

Candy pinks, radiant blues, and sabine green

Carrying lace tatted fairies dancing on high

To Jack Frosts winter crinkle melody

While below the colors dance playful revelry


And we dream of happy days to hibernate

Within our bundled homes as Winter migrates

Into every nook and corner of our world

With its feathery snows, marshmallow days

Blizzards, iced diamond frosting and jewel ribbons

We leave its crescendoing chills outside our abodes


(clarice) 11/17/2014

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10 Responses to “Natures Dance”

  1. Linda Miller Thurmond Says:

    a marvelous write, love the imagery you portrayed so well

  2. Myke Todd Says:

    I want to see Northern Lights, just once, before I fade away…

  3. singingclarice Says:

    Thank you Linda. I replied earlier but it didn’t post

  4. singingclarice Says:

    Thanks Myke..I am enjoying your 30 days.. And if you have never seen the northern lights, you have to make a trip to where you can. They are the most amazing light show

  5. DiLinda Adams Says:

    Such an enjoyable piece of art. Would love to see those “With its feathery snows, marshmallow days.Blizzards, iced diamond frosting and jewel ribbons.” Gives winter a heart sis, love this.

  6. Joleene Naylor Says:

    Great imagery! I love this!

  7. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb Says:

    Gorgeous! Makes me so homesick for “real” winter.

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