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The Moon Breaks The Mist

February 15, 2015

The Moon Breaks The Mist


The moon breaks the mist reveals my  heartache

In  shadows  cast  on  the  barren  landscape

A sere fog encroaches  to   overtake

each  faltered  step   as  I  try   to   escape


The  sage  glow  that  illuminates my soul

Pulls  haunting  memories  deep   from   long   past

each   furrow  reveals the  lines  of my scroll

each   plowed  choice   to  tear  and  tear  and   gash


Desolate  sentinels  stand  tall  and   bleak

watch  the dawns awareness  as  it engulfs

Gentles the iron  bleakness  I  may   seek

In  its   onset  the  nature  of  myself


Peace arrives in the char of the moons flare

New days and second chances become clear


(clarice) 02/15/2015


This sonnet written for Lady Di