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Demons and Devils

October 24, 2020

    Betty Lou’s comrades watched their satanic leader carve the devil’s image on McManus’ chest. And from a back corner the brown rats waited for the leavings. 

    As McManus lay there helpless, he remembered Johnny Cash’s words from ‘Hurt” “I focus on the pain, the only thing thats real,” Boy! Had Johnny got that right.

    Had he really been falling in love with this lunatic? Rory would slap him on the back and say: “If your heart was really broken, you’d be dead. So shut up.’

     Well at least he wasn’t dead yet. 

He could feel his whole body crying for relief and he couldn’t Shake it off

     The room was cast in  extreme density and negative charges. Creepy feelings he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Objects made of neo light and gruesome shaped knives and hammers danced close to his being. And a rope curled and crawled the walls like a snake. 

     Betty Lou leered Cross eyed at him and continued to carve him up. What and how was he supposed to escape?

     And now she has something Marshmallow yellow in her hand. 

     “Lets see if you can do a  Balancing act” she laughs.  “See  Yellow ball on nose. Guys? It is full of Army ants. McMullan, those ants are going to be let loose if you don’t tell me where Harry is. 

     McMullan, horrified, passes out.

     Rory, Mintzy and the other officers now grim faced started following the clingy Obsession odor through the hospital corridors. 

     Rory turned to the group of officers and said, ‘I want no Monkey business as we search these halls. Chuck you’re not Curious George the Silly gorilla. So stop with the Very ape gestures. Searching for this gang by sniffing for Betty Lou’s scent is a very good idea. We don’t have time to get a couple of scent dogs in here. And there are too many women whose perfume scent could throw them off.” 

     After about 15 minutes had passed when Chuck excitedly signalled for them to stop. “The gangsters split up here.” he cried. “See! Something was pushed down this laundry chute. The door has traces of blood on it and a white cloth like a hospital gown is caught on its edge, Could be Officer McManus’s. And that perfume odor is going down the left hallway.”

      Rory tapped Chuck on the shoulder. “Good catch Chuck.” 

      Minzy looked around and said, “Someones got to go down that shute. Any volunteers?”      

     Rory laughed and said, “We’ve got our own monkey here. Come on Chuck! Take off your gear and put your weapon in your belt. We’ll see you at the bottom of the chute.” 

Chuck stripped and gingerly climbed into the Shute feet first.

Rory gave him a shove. And Chuck went flying down the chute. While Mintzy, Rory and three other officers ran down the left hand hall for the hospital elevators.

(clarice) 10/24/2020

Ecrits Blogophilia 33.13 Topic:  WRITER’S CHOICE: Demons and Devils

Hard Bonus (2 points): WRITER’S CHOICE mention 3 kinds of torture   –                                  carve up, brown rats and broken heart

Easy Bonus (1 Point):   WRITER’S CHOICE lyric from Johnny Cash song –

“I focus on the pain, the only thing thats real,” from Hurt

Secret Word/Phrase:  1. Silly gorilla (monkey)  2. Cross eyed  3. Yellow ball on nose                 4.  Very ape            5.  Monkey business  6.  Marshmallow yellow  7. Shake it off                             8.  Balancing act  9.  Now what do I do with it  10.  Curious George