The Devil Stirs

The Devil Stirs,

A   blonde haired, blue eyed girl sits Patiently waiting in a French cafe. Thinking “Sweet tea needs that sugar stirring should I add One lump or two to my afternoon tea.” She’s the Woman in blue and white shirt, Pink lips, Rose choker necklace and   Black beret teasing the fellows who stare at her beauty. 
     I’d Be Lion  or is it lying? I’m no good at spelling. But I want to saunter over and whisper in her ear, “ Take my hand and we’ll make it – I swear  

     “What shall we make my cop boy?” she snarls. As the blonde beauty turns into Betty Lou tickling his chin with a knife. 

      And MaMullan wakes up in a fright.

     “I must have Harry’s note before the witching hour tonight. The devil stirs, commands his obedience . His words are written in blood, what hell we’ll bring to this earth.”  And with those words the room suddenly fills with dancing imps holding on to  Helium filled spears all pointed at him. 

     What more could happen? He looked. The ant filled ball still balanced on his nose, the walls were closing in with horrors of creepy crawlers and the imps floated with menace towards him.

      “Last chance McManus! Or I’ll let the devil have you” 

(clarice) 10/31/2020

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 34.13                                                                                     Topic:  I’d Be Lion                                                         Topic:    The David                                                                                                          Picture:  Jonathan                                                                                                          Hard Bonus (2 points):  Use a Bon Jovi lyric –                                                          From  ‘Livin’ on a prayer’  Take my hand and we’ll make it – I swear Easy Bonus (1 Point):   Mention Helium                                                                    Secret word/phrase: 1.  Pink lips 2.  One lump or two  3.  French café            4.  Woman in blue and white shirt  5.  Rose choker necklace   6.  afternoon tea  7.  Black beret  8. Patiently waiting 9. Sweet tea needs that sugar stirring             10. blonde haired, blue eyed girl  

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2 Responses to “The Devil Stirs”

  1. likamarie Says:

    Nice Halloween entry!

  2. Marvin's Blogophilia Says:

    Oh my! I did see this posting last night and got your score included in today’s blog. Don’t see my comment here, maybe it needs approved (that happens sometimes in WP). 8 points Earthling!

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