Out The Laundry Chute


      Meanwhile while Harry was enjoying his drink by a caribbean bay and Betty Lou and her imps were casting fires, Chuck had landed in a pile of putrid green and yellow stained sheets in the laundry room. Choking, gasping and shaking the offensive sheets from his body, Chuck emerged from the pile of offensive laundry.

      “Why me?” he cried. “When my next assignment rotation comes up, I’m finished with hospital detail. No more guarding patients from themselves, visitors from another planet, and ambulance chasing attorneys.” Being a hospital guard, well, It was a fight for survival . Every day brought dangerous trials for him. Now here he was searching for a crook in Tight skinny pants and a passion for murder. 

      Looking around he found only the area around the laundry chutes was lit up. So he pulled out his lighter and pushed the ignition and watched the spark turn the flicker to a flame. Then he surveyed the room and found a safe like door. What’s Behind the Door? he wondered.

      He could hear chanting and screaming and the beating of drums and clanking of chains coming from inside. Where were  Rory, Mintzy and the other officers? What was he to do? And who was that little fellow with the fake mustache and Distressed outfit standing outside it. He was drinking a chocolate fizz and every time he took a sip, it left a Drink mustache  on his upper lip. Moving with caution Chuck walked over to the little fellow and asked If he’s seen a group of men and a woman carrying a hospital patient. 

      Betty Lou’s watchdog grinned evilly and replied, “Nobody like that been bye here dude.”

      Chuck eyed him with suspicion. “Uh, could you tell me what’s behind the door? I need to see what is in there.”
      “I don’t know, fellow,” said the little guy. I”ve been here all day and it’s been closed. As you can see it is locked up tight.

      “Well, I have to get in there,” said Chuck. “Just a minute while I call my fellow officers and we’ll break in. I have a feeling our missing policeman is in there.”

      He turned and dialed Mintzy. Not noticing the glow that suddenly engulfed the little man. 

(clarice) 11/21/2020

Week 37.13 Topic: What’s Behind the Door?

Topic: Blue Man &  Picture: Leta

Hard Bonus (2 points): Use a lyric from the song “Misty Blue” (any version or artist) – Turns the flicker to a flame

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a Ray Stevens lyric – from Mississippi Survival .. It was a fight for survival 

Guesses for secret word/phrase:  1. Tight skinny pants. 2. Fake mustache  3. Drink mustache  4. Distressed outfit

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10 Responses to “Out The Laundry Chute”

  1. Marvin's Blogophilia Says:

    Chuck might be in for some trouble. 8 points Earthling

  2. likamarie Says:

    Break in? Ooh, someone’s in trouble?

  3. Irene Melgoza Says:

    Hope the missing policeman is found.

  4. anothergovernmentemployeehotmailcom Says:

    Out of the frying pan…

  5. Blogophilia Week 37.13 – What’s Behind the Door? | Blogophilia Says:

    […] Stormy Gail Dormire […]

  6. onescoobthree Says:

    Dang, just when I thought help was there! Great continuation.

    Lissa Fallon

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