Creating “Paper Cranes” To Write My Haikus On

Creating “Paper Cranes” To Write My Haikus On 

 “Around The World In A Day”

Come here and take my hand, 

I’ll show U 

Reading bedtime stories 

 Me and my teddy bear

Under the Wishing tree

Grims fairy tales

Bedtime stories

Of Late night scares

A Dreamland  of  Snow White lilies

Springtime’s welcoming

For all to enjoy

Shadow images

Cast by my  Night light

Of  Goldilocks three bears

(clarice) 03/24/2021


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 2.14 Topic: The Three Bears

Topic – Christopher     and  Picture – Doris

Hard Bonus (2 points): Use a lyric from a Prince song – Come here and take my hand, I’ll show U – from “Around The World In A Day”

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Mention “paper cranes”

Secret word/phrase: 1. Goldilocks  2. Night light 3. Grims fairy tales   4. Bedtime stories 5. Wishing tree  6. Reading bedtime stories                                               7. Me and my teddy bear  8. Snow White  9. Dreamland  10. Shadow images

11 Responses to “Creating “Paper Cranes” To Write My Haikus On”

  1. rebecca s revels Says:

    Such a lovely and creative way to handle the challenge. I enjoyed reading this with the images you chose.

  2. Blogophilia Week 2.14 – The Three Bears | Blogophilia Says:

    […] Stormy Gail Dormire […]

  3. Marvin's Blogophilia Says:

    Loved the picture story. 8 points Earthling

  4. Christine Wichman Says:

    Loved this Stormy!! And you found a great lyric!

  5. tylermyrth72 Says:

    Loved the way you set that up, has an old Myspace feel

  6. anothergovernmentemployeehotmailcom Says:

    Very nice indeed.

  7. Colleen Keller Breuning Says:

    This is a wonderful poem and blog, lighthearted and lovely! ❤

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