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The Joker

April 12, 2021

Thank God the man in the white house is a temporary replacement

A joker from the bottom of an anfractuous deck 

The three little pigs knew this black sheep as the termite inspector 

Who ran his business from a Hole in the wall in farmer Obama’s latrine

Always the  Odd man out without a doubt he’d never get a lollipop from the good fairy

One day a Red brick seller came to see him saying the Shoddy builders  sent me

They need another player in their game of  ante over in Twinkletown

He could be the novelty  Building block pettifogger on the blue team

A speech or two with promises rivaling a Brooklyn Bridge salesman

You know  Keyhole pavers made of gold paving every street

The pigeons would live in nests vacated by the golden geese of Emberfall 

Oh he could hardly wait, so desirous to win he’d ask daily; “Are We There Yet?”

The war was finally won and he took his throne and now he sits

Showing his true colors aren’t red, white and blue but black shadows across the land


(clarice) 04/12/2021

Just my thoughts


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 5.14 Topic: Are We There Yet?

Topic:  Christopher        &  Picture:  Craig

Hard Bonus (2 points): Incorporate 3 colors

Red, white and blue

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a Playing Card – joker

Guesses for secret word/phrase: Marvin, I used them all. 1 ante over 2. Keyhole paver 3.termite inspector   

4. Red brick 5. Building block  6. Odd man out  7. Black (red) sheep  8. Hole in the wall 

 9. Shoddy builders  sent me. 10. Temporary replacement

Sho Fly Don’t Bother Me

April 10, 2021

It’s a comfortable old Alabaster stoop

Where once spring breakers chose to rest

Their bodies stressed needing a boost

Sparking and larking an exhausting task

For young minds and their libidos


Late into the night Old men shared a pint or two

While discussing the weather on that old stoop

Mrs. Deers night time beau gave them a view

Of his ardent attempt to play slave to her 

Strategically placed Wildwood blooms 


 Sunshine and Daisies greeted                                                                                                 the milkman’s clinking tune announcing his arrival                                                                2 quarts of cream topped milk, a dozen eggs                                                                              the daily form for the houses lady                                                                                              Snow in Summer is favored 7 t0 5 

Busy as  Bees the neighboring children                                                                                   swarmed those stairs, their castle                                                                                                a king was crowned, a maiden captured                                                                                     bloody noses and wooden slivers were battle scars                                                                even white frocked lasses sported


Chickweed creeps in mass abundance now    a rest stop for the fly in the field of flowers     that bug on wildflower an early morning feast      the stairs still the place to dine     to sleep off a full  stomach                                                                

They say the grass is greener On the other side of the fence. And never can you go home again                                                                                        but that  comfortable old Alabaster stoop                                                                                    still brings my memories of home too life

                                                                                                                                                                                            (clarice) 04/10/2021

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 4.14 Topic: Sunshine and Daisies

Topic;  Lika                                 Picture: Rebecca

Hard Bonus (2 points): Include a line from a Wall of Voodoo song –

They say the grass is greener On the other side of the fence.                                        From Wall of Voodoo song  ‘Grass Is Greener’

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Mention your favorite animal – deer

The SECRET PICTURE WORD/PHRASE!! stop2.Chickweed  3.  Bug on wildflower 4. Wildwood blooms   5. The fly   6. A bugs life  7. Sho fly don’t bother me  8. Snow in summer                              9. Spring breakers  10. Busy as a Bee 

Orders To Play

April 4, 2021

            Every Sunday we have a Soggy family gathering. River folk come from all round and over the river and through the woods to share in all the doins`.  They gather round the shoreline and spin tales bout` that Ol’ Man River of theirs. 

          The women set up tables loaded with good ole Lousianna vitals by the boat dock, two long rows of the ladies county fair best dishes and one row of sweet baked desserts. One lucky Soggy teen was giben` a fly swatter and told to swat bugs and sticky fingers when needed. 

         Here Mama Soggy stokes her corncob pipe, hitches up her pantaloons and goes fishing in the ole` mill stream after making sure dem` women hab` a fire going fer` the fish she gonna catch.

         It’s a  Lazy river view of chock-a-block ole` men sampling Paddy’s eye water under a giant oak tree. Younger men chasing after the gals with their trotting harness on. Dads fishing with their kids  and knee-high to a grasshopper younguns swimming in the dark waters at the bend of the river where the river is at its shallowest.

          All n` all Whatever’s Your Pleasure the Soggy folk hab` it offered. 

          After a satisfying day of games, courting, lie swapping and Mama Soggy’s fish fry a bonfire is built and everyone picks a spot to rehash the day’s delights. It isn’t long before them what brung their fiddles and such tune up fer` a country playoff. 

          Now I practice three hours daily on my violin so I won’t get worse. I don’t want to upset my dad. But der truth is I can’t hold a tune in-a bushel barrel.

           I overheard him telling my uncle;It’s a real Strad, you know. If it isn’t I’m out one hundred and ten dollars. “ And dad whispers, “The reason I got it so cheap is that it’s one of the few Strads made in Japan.’  A deal like this happens only once in a blue moon.”

           And gosh dang would’nt I know’d it? Dad brung my violin. Un` he gib` me orders to play; River of No Return “

           A dozen fiddle jammers tuning to bow der crowd look up pect-ent-ly at me. And so wid nervous fingers i lifts that fiddle and begins to play squeaky notes and ear piercing whines nuff to chase bats n` beetles from der caves. 

           Dey probably would oh` strung me up, but a big ole grizzly came running outs` dem` woods. It was foaming green spit and wid` eyes wild wid` pain it came fer` me. Ebery one stood and watched. Not a sole tried to stop that critter. Why most ebery one cheered as dat smelly crazed critter threw me un dad’s Strad into der` ribber. 

            Dat bear feasted on the Soggy family’s picnic vittals until it had its fill. Then it stood high on dem bear legs oh` his roared, turned and lumbered off into the woods. 

             Dad held an auction fer dat fiddle, bought me a washboard and the Soggy folks left the ribber wid` a nodder tale to tell.

(CLARICE) 04/01/2021

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 3.14 Topic: What’s Your Pleasure

Topic – Lika and  Picture – the David 

Hard Bonus (2 points): Quote Jack Benny – 

I practice three hours daily on my violin so I won’t get worse.

It’s a real Strad, you know. If it isn’t I’m out one hundred and ten dollars. The reason I got it so cheap is that it’s one of the few Strads made in Japan.

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a Phase of the Moon – blue moon

Secret word/phrase – 1. Lazy river view  2, ole` mill stream  3. Boat dock  

4. River of No Return  5. Bend of the River 

6. Over the River and Through the Woods 7. Ol’ Man River 8. Dark waters

9. Fishing 10. Shoreline