Sho Fly Don’t Bother Me

It’s a comfortable old Alabaster stoop

Where once spring breakers chose to rest

Their bodies stressed needing a boost

Sparking and larking an exhausting task

For young minds and their libidos


Late into the night Old men shared a pint or two

While discussing the weather on that old stoop

Mrs. Deers night time beau gave them a view

Of his ardent attempt to play slave to her 

Strategically placed Wildwood blooms 


 Sunshine and Daisies greeted                                                                                                 the milkman’s clinking tune announcing his arrival                                                                2 quarts of cream topped milk, a dozen eggs                                                                              the daily form for the houses lady                                                                                              Snow in Summer is favored 7 t0 5 

Busy as  Bees the neighboring children                                                                                   swarmed those stairs, their castle                                                                                                a king was crowned, a maiden captured                                                                                     bloody noses and wooden slivers were battle scars                                                                even white frocked lasses sported


Chickweed creeps in mass abundance now    a rest stop for the fly in the field of flowers     that bug on wildflower an early morning feast      the stairs still the place to dine     to sleep off a full  stomach                                                                

They say the grass is greener On the other side of the fence. And never can you go home again                                                                                        but that  comfortable old Alabaster stoop                                                                                    still brings my memories of home too life

                                                                                                                                                                                            (clarice) 04/10/2021

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 4.14 Topic: Sunshine and Daisies

Topic;  Lika                                 Picture: Rebecca

Hard Bonus (2 points): Include a line from a Wall of Voodoo song –

They say the grass is greener On the other side of the fence.                                        From Wall of Voodoo song  ‘Grass Is Greener’

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Mention your favorite animal – deer

The SECRET PICTURE WORD/PHRASE!! stop2.Chickweed  3.  Bug on wildflower 4. Wildwood blooms   5. The fly   6. A bugs life  7. Sho fly don’t bother me  8. Snow in summer                              9. Spring breakers  10. Busy as a Bee 

6 Responses to “Sho Fly Don’t Bother Me”

  1. Dia Jae Says:

    Very nice! I can picture it all! 🙂

  2. Blogophilia Week 4.14 – Sunshine and Daisies | Blogophilia Says:

    […] Stormy Gail Dormire […]

  3. Marvin's Blogophilia Says:

    Got to hope you can always find a way home. 8 points Earthling

  4. bugsiboo33 Says:

    Love this. Makes me feel nostalgic 🙂

  5. singingclarice Says:


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