The Joker

Thank God the man in the white house is a temporary replacement

A joker from the bottom of an anfractuous deck 

The three little pigs knew this black sheep as the termite inspector 

Who ran his business from a Hole in the wall in farmer Obama’s latrine

Always the  Odd man out without a doubt he’d never get a lollipop from the good fairy

One day a Red brick seller came to see him saying the Shoddy builders  sent me

They need another player in their game of  ante over in Twinkletown

He could be the novelty  Building block pettifogger on the blue team

A speech or two with promises rivaling a Brooklyn Bridge salesman

You know  Keyhole pavers made of gold paving every street

The pigeons would live in nests vacated by the golden geese of Emberfall 

Oh he could hardly wait, so desirous to win he’d ask daily; “Are We There Yet?”

The war was finally won and he took his throne and now he sits

Showing his true colors aren’t red, white and blue but black shadows across the land


(clarice) 04/12/2021

Just my thoughts


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 5.14 Topic: Are We There Yet?

Topic:  Christopher        &  Picture:  Craig

Hard Bonus (2 points): Incorporate 3 colors

Red, white and blue

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a Playing Card – joker

Guesses for secret word/phrase: Marvin, I used them all. 1 ante over 2. Keyhole paver 3.termite inspector   

4. Red brick 5. Building block  6. Odd man out  7. Black (red) sheep  8. Hole in the wall 

 9. Shoddy builders  sent me. 10. Temporary replacement

3 Responses to “The Joker”

  1. Marvin's Blogophilia Says:

    Wow. 8 points Earthling

  2. Blogophilia Week 5.14 – Are We There Yet? | Blogophilia Says:

    […] Stormy Gail Dormire […]

  3. singingclarice Says:


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