Find Peaceful Amnesty

Be patient my dears, I’m here  Til the World Ends

The  War of the worlds is one man’s battlefield

Played to Chopin’s Waltz Op. 64 Improvisation

A sham created to stir the devil in each man

Conjure up Enola Gay and it’s deep impact

When it freed the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima 

A  mysterious cloud  of doom and destruction

 Its  Shockwave a lethal radiation of death

An  deadly unthinkable remedy to end all wars

That Mushroom clouds` volcanic eruption lives

In the minds of all men whenever war summons

The worlds armies to find peaceful amnesty

The teacher whistled for his classes attention 

War must remain a  Science class experiment
(clarice) 04/24/2021


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 6.14 Topic: Til the World Ends

Hard Bonus (2 points): Include the title of a Clive Cussler book – Shockwave

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Utilize a foghorn or whistle

Title guess – The blue man   Picture guess – Leta

1. Enola Gay  2. Hiroshima  3. Atomic bomb 4. Mushroom cloud                                               

5. volcanic eruption  6. War of the worlds 7. Unthinkable                                                             

 8. Mysterious cloud  9. Deep impact 10. Science class experiment

12 Responses to “Find Peaceful Amnesty”

  1. rebecca s revels Says:

    Well done.

  2. Christine Wichman Says:

    Nicely done Stormy

  3. Dia Jae Says:

    I like your take on the topic

  4. Marvin's Blogophilia Says:

    The War of the Worlds…a scary thing indeed. Even though I do like a kaboom now and then! 8 points Earthling!

  5. Blogophilia Week 6.14 – Til the World Ends | Blogophilia Says:

    […] Stormy Gail Dormire […]

  6. bugsiboo33 Says:

    Nicely penned.

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