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A Proud Moment

May 9, 2021

Why do I question the unassailable god’s truth?

If it wasn’t an eidolon of past encounters?

If it wasn’t the intercession of our foolhardy youth?

Aye a force of footloose uncaring extremes


Where Crying, Waiting, Hoping  on  life’s threshold

Hellos and  Goodbyes useless greetings then

Now remembrances why we’re Glad to be alive

Our Shadow figures in Celebration cry


Perhaps tomorrow we’ll stomp the yard as ancients

Raise our voices in freedoms chant

Living daily in swing time to destiny’s truth

Our harvest dance the last of life’s moments


Putting to rest a youthful dream of La La Land

 We race our wheelchairs down the rest home hall 

(clarice) 05/08/2021


Ecrits Blogophilia Week 8.14 Topic:

A Proud Moment

Topic – Rutger  &  Picture – Michelle

Hard Bonus (2 points):

Incorporate 2 Beatles Song Titles –   ‘Hello, Goodbye ‘ & Crying, Waiting, Hoping

Easy Bonus (1 Point):

Mention an Oscar Winning Movie – La La Land

Secret word/phrase – 1. Freedom  2. Harvest dance  3. Shadow figures  4. Shadow dance

5. Me and my shadow  6. Swing time  7. Footloose  8. Stomp the yard  9. Celebration

10. Glad to be alive