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The Pitch

June 11, 2014

Baseball and Buttercups – topic suggested by Larry Kuechin

The Pitch

Crowd roars its wave round Steel field
Two batters retired with heated bullets
Counting the moments till strike three is sealed
Pin drop quiet ensues round the stadium
Pitcher winds and fires a twisting wheel of zeal
A moment`, pause`, ball four`, its goose mania
Mob hell swells sweat beads on umpire and hurler
The pennant is waving just out of reach
Jackhammer bruiser is hovering at the plate
Gestured finger jesture on first base tendered
Caught, held in grimace then returned
War is declared in that instant
The pitch underway, low ball burn
Second fly cruises` middle dominant
Third away, fourth a bender with finance
Ace highsteps lets loose his best
Jackhammer bombs over center fence
No second chances, or victory dances
Buttercups and ticket stubs blow cross the field

(clarice) 06/11/2014