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The Devils Chutzpah

July 1, 2014



The Devils ChutzpahImage


Upon my personal equation,
                      a craven invasion of body and soul
Too beat’

           I repeat,
                      too beat to take the heat of persecution coals
Scorched, parched, perched in desperation on affliction cross
The devils chutzpah fast ` blasting` swag of miseries sauce
Plots to ensnare, scare , impair, me in despair if I should fall

His Demon curses rain,
Angels know only pain, weather vane compass`, insane` bane
Dance a tune he only hears, to waltz in assault upon my person

No where to hide,
No where to stay alive, mandemon perquisition fried

Driven to drink, to easy oblivion, to be briefly free of,
Callously given agony, apathy and malady, intimations cruel love

This chutzpah evil of
Hurdled words, bruised comments, black hits`, maim` precision
To my despair, jars the stray white liver, selfdom

Mortification’s tower,
                       cowered abyss,
                                      no sky in sight,
                                                    where is the light
Will salvation decry , rail, my jail .
                                                Ride to my side

One prayer, declared, plead to Heavens Ears,
Take my fears
               Give me cheer, hope and salvation
                                              from the bonds of persecution

The way was clear, destiny found, My God led me out
The Devils chutzpah dissolved,
                    solved as he was bound, chained and imprisoned
No longer to spread his animadversion and affliction.

(clarice) 07/01/2014