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Time Is Ticking

November 9, 2014

Time Is Ticking -Hebrides Moon’s fifth poetry challenge….Etheree

                        Time Is Ticking

Tick tick tick the genie races like grease lighting

     His shadow cast along the trail he travels

           Neither rain nor wind can stop him

                The edict gave him little time

                    His date with destiny lies

                      past the open stargate

                             time is ticking

                           must not be late

                            the feast waits




                             deli meats

                     a true gourmet feast

                       nothing parallels

              ennui be damned he has this

       the words still ringing in his thoughts

   Why why why your  unrequited critique sir

      your review of  my four star restaurant

Is the only way to keep you out of your Jinn bottle
                      (clarice) 11/08/20l4

Hebrides Moon’s fifth poetry challenge….Etheree


Use any or all words in the list in your creations
unrequited / wine / words / past / shadow / parallel /genie / lightning / ennui / race
Glass Etheree


Unrequited love cries

      For words to comfort it

   Wine to drown its sorrows

    Awaiting lightnings strike

     To erase cruelties blow

       Deaden the past fire





              true love   

            once again     
(clarice) 11/08/2014