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Just Another Full Moon

August 16, 2014

Just Another Full Moon
5 minute write
Suggested by Peter Doyle

Night winds caressed the earth lifting leaves to tickle and tease
Round and about her slight frame
Holding her close, the wind sent a desperate lovers call on the breeze
Hurry hurry it cried, my plight is nearer and nearer the flame
Extinction abides with the waning night and the devils hand
Send me an angel to remove all sorrows and cleanse my heart
That I may find true love in the light of the milky star band
Playing a dance across the heavens in this gloom filled dark
That lays its shadows and darts on my broken spirit
All heaven responded, how could it not to that desperate cry
The cry heard round the earth opened their hearts into song
Golden wings fluttered arose and as one they did fly
To bring a lover to appease and heal the lonely one
No longer the night just another full moon for shedding tears

(clarice) 08/16/2014